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Dry mouth occurs when we have reduced saliva flow in the mouth.
Saliva is produced from 3 large pairs of salivary glands and many small scattered in the oral cavity.
It is a very important factor, both for the chewing and ingestion of food, as well as for the protection of the teeth, gums and the oral mucosa.
Without saliva we can not eat and taste well, we have difficulty in talking, we are more sensitive to the development of caries and gingivitis.
People who suffer from dry mouth wake up at night and seek water to wet their lips as the mouth cracks.
Many are the causes that can cause dry mouth.
Among these are Sjorgen's syndrome, diabetes mellitus and salivary gland tumors.
Very commonly,dry mouth is caused by taking medications, such as antihypertensive or antidepressants.
Smoking and oral breathing can cause a feeling of dry mouth.
How is dry mouth  treated?
The first and most important step is to diagnose the cause.
In any case, drinking a lot of fluids, avoiding smoking and using saliva substitutes in a spray or gel form, helps alleviate the symptoms.
Importantly, patients with dry mouth are protected by fluoride preparations (especially varnishes and toothpastes) because the risk of caries is high.
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