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endodontiaEndodontics is the area of dentistry that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of the problems that stem from the tooth's pulp(nerve).
When the tooth suffers some damage (caries, fracture or injury), a microbial pathway is created towards the inner and more sensitive parts of the tooth.
If this lesion is not treated directly and effectively, the pulp begins to flare (basically complaining about the entry of germs) and starts the symptoms for the patient.
These symptoms may be mild sensitivity to cold, hot  stimuli, irritation on chewing,to intense and agonizing automatic pain or swelling.
In these cases, in addition to the medication that may be needed, the tooth needs endodontic treatment ,that is thorough cleaning, sterilization and hermetic seal of the pulp cavity, so that future microbes are not allowed to grow.
In this way, the problem tooth remains healthy and functional in the mouth.
In some cases it is necessary after the treatment to place a crown on the tooth to avoid fractures.
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