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veneersVeneers is the most modern and effective weapon of aesthetic dentistry.
These are very thin constructions (0.3-1mm), made of ceramic material(feldspathic porcelain or lithium desilicate), in the color and shape we want to give and bond permanently to the teeth, changing the shape and color if needed, or closing unwanted gaps in the mouth.

1st Stage
The state of oral health is examined in detail,impressions and photographs are taken to evaluate the changes to be made in  the smile of a patient.
Based on our instructions, the dental technician, builds in wax on the patient's plaster cast the teeth, as we almost want the final result.

2nd Stage
Based on the diagnostic wax up in the template, the teeth are temporarily transformed chairside,tested and all necessary modifications are made. The patient leaves the office and returns a few days later, accepting the new appearance or suggesting some changes.

3rd Stage
Minor teeth preparation is done,impressions are taken, the aesthetic features of the faces (color, transparencies, etc.) are decided and the patient leaves the clinic with a temporary restoration in the mouth.
The dental laboratory manufactures the veneers and send them to the office for the final stage.

Stage 4

The veneers,  are permanently bonded to the front surfaces of the teeth and instructions for maintenance are given.

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