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Many times during pregnancy, a woman needs dental care.
She usually comes stressed to the dental clinic to see if she can have safe care without risking herself as well as her fetus.
We tend to divide pregnancy in three trimesters.
The safest period for any dental treatment is the second trimester.
In this period, every pregnant woman is advised to have a dental check and tooth cleaning.
Pregnant women have an increased sensitivity to gums. Several times they bleed or swell and cover part of the teeth.
They shound have a high level of oral hygiene, as the presence of microbial plaque in combination with hormonal change are the causes that create this condition.
Many times, however, the dentist will need to deal with emergency dental situations during pregnancy, which will require anesthesia, radiography or medication.
In the first trimester of pregnancy (period of organogenesis), it is advisable to take only the necessary actions to relieve the patient's symptoms.
If radiography is needed, it is done with a special lead apron, which completely covers the pregnant belly.
There are anesthetics without vasoconstrictors, which are completely safe for pregnancy.
Amoxicillin(amoxil) or clindamycin  (dalacin)andibiotics ,if there is allergy to penicillin, are generally considered safe medicines. Also safe are the painkillers of paracetamol (depon-panadol).
In difficult pregnancies before proceeding to any dental practice, it is advisable to have the consent of the treating gynecologist.
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